Some Concertina Links

Concertina pages and clubs

  • The Music Room in Cleckheaton buy and sell a lot of concertinas and offer full repair services etc. They are distributors for high quality modern concertinas, both Anglo and English, by makers TMR and Morse, and for tutor instruments by Wm. Wakker, with demonstration video clips on the website.
  • The Hobgoblin shops in Leeds, Crawley, and other places, carry a good range of both new and second-hand concertinas, and can arrange for servicing and overhauls.
  • The North East Concertina Players meet on the second Sunday (not August) in Sedgefield, Co. Durham. More details from Dave Turner's page.
  • The Concertina Academy is Pauline de Snoo's website offering once a month new free downloads: exercises for English Concertina, sheetmusic plus soundfile; online tuition; an excellent links page. Emphasis mainly on classical music for English system.
  • is a Scottish portal run by Simon Thoumire featuring online tuition. Simon's 4-week course on English concertina costs £25 and looks pretty impressive.
  • Claims to be "the most popular concertina portal in the world!" Useful discussion forums dealing with many relevant issues.
  • Concertina FAQ Everything about the instrument: history, types, repairs, how to mike it up, you name it
  • The Concertina Library The 'digital reference site' - a useful and elegant site, from which you can download a lot of materials for free
  • ICA The International Concertina Association. The site leads you to their scholarly papers
  • West Country Concertina Players are a flourishing English group, with regular playing days, a residential weekend in the autumn, and a tradition of holding meetings at Sidmouth during Festival Week, as a 'fringe' activity. They run two residential weekends a year at Kilve, West Somerset.
  • The Concertina Museum "enables collectors and researchers to examine in detail the construction, design, labelling of many hundreds of English-made and continental concertinas, of related free reeded instruments .... (etc)". Allows complex searches of its database. Spoilt by background that impairs legibility.

Summer schools and 'events' featuring concertina

  • The Arran Concertina Event (ACE) Not exactly a school: attendees discuss what they want to do during the week and work out who can offer what tips, tunes, or techniques. The trip report sounds like great fun
  • Concertinas at Witney Wide selection of concertina-related workshops.

Tunes and other music

  • The Tune Finder This site has links to a very large number of traditional tunes on the web (English, Celtic, American, European, etc). If you want to know how "The Barefoot Octopus" goes, this is where to look
  • FolkTuneFinder - same sort of thing as the "Tune Finder" but prettier and more intuitive: less coverage of French and Swedish tunes
  • The Session More exclusively Celtic than the Tunefinder, this site has useful comments and discussions about the tunes it offers
  • TunePal: play a tune to the computer and it tells you what it's called. I've not tried the web version but the phone app is excellent. Can be extremely useful. Best on Irish but has some coverage of Swedish, Welsh and English.