Our meetings are usually arranged as follows: 12.00-1.30, Band; 2.00-300, Tune Book or other tunes from our books; 3.15- end, Tunes or special topic to be decided earlier.

Last year was eventful:

Band tunes worked on last year: New American Patrol, Hymne a l'Amour, Lili Marlene, The Triumph, Moonlight Serenade, Henry Bloodgood's Famous Jig, Dance 10 and 11 from Rasmus Storm.

Great workshops from Alex Wade and Thomas Green both working on different aspects of arrangement.

Russ provided some Welsh tunes for us.

Six members of the NECP joined us for the September meeting and some good band music was provided by Carolyn and Dave, with a new composition by Steve.

This year:

October 16th.

Before and after the AGM we played tunes from the Tune Book in different ways. We worked on the tunes up to The Crookit Bawbee, and revised Swaledale. We also did Little Mouse and Gallivanting Rag from John's white book.

November 19th.

At this meeting we celebrated the club's 25th Anniversary with a workshop from one of our founder members, Harry Scurfield who gave us an introduction to Blues Concertina and brought some interesting recordings for us to listen to. The Bring and Share lunch went down very well and thanks to everyone who brought goodies for us. After lunch Graham read out some of the early entries in the YCC Minutes book, which were very interesting.

December 17th.

Christmas Band music followed by carols.

January 21st.


After lunch:

February 18th.

We are lucky to have a workshop by Michael Jary today, it should be great!

March 18th.

April 15th.

May 20th. Swaledale Squeeze. Tutors so far: Michale Jary - English, Iris Bishop - Duet, and John Spiers, Anglo. Should be good!

June 17th.

July 15th.


August - no meeting.

September 16th.

October 21st..